‘Brand’ Health: Do What You Fear Most

From an early age Agnes Davis enjoyed swimming. “I was a swimmer my entire life. My mom and sister swam so I got into the family activity,” she reminisces. Her lifelong hobby became her job when she was wrongfully terminated from her position as a Cardiovascular Perfusionist. This was a … Continue reading

Networking Master: Meet Kelly L. Jackson

Let’s face it: there are many who have not mastered the art of networking. According to Webster’s Dictionary, networking is the act of building “a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest.” Real talk, networking is working a room, staying in contact … Continue reading

Achoo No More! 5 Helpful Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Allergy season is upon us and boy are we suffering. Runny nose, sore throats, sneezing, itchy eyes—you name it, we have it! Temperatures are rising and days are finally sunny, so why spend time cooped up inside just because you are an allergy sufferer? It’s time to step out of … Continue reading

Real Talk: Three Ways Women Can Negotiate Better on Behalf of Themselves

Imagine you’re sitting in an office about to meet with your boss or future employer regarding your salary. You think you deserve a raise, have reams of evidence to prove it, and the negotiations are about to begin. Now imagine you are in the same office, with the same person, … Continue reading

Here’s Why I Pay My Kids For Good Grades (And Maybe You Should Too)

Paying kids an allowance for getting good grades is a controversial subject in some circles. Those who advocate it – like I do – have a variety of reasons for giving our children an academic allowance. [continue reading…] Lynnette Khalfani Cox, The Money Coach, is a contributor at The Brand New … Continue reading

Yoga: Less Hustle and More Bliss

Ommmm! It’s a simple word to chant and if done correctly can bring serenity to one’s space, feeling and life. The Queens/LI Mochas came in with the hustle and bustle of the outside world a few Saturdays ago; stress, children, career, juggling, life balance and working diligently to stay in … Continue reading

FLOTUS to Appear on ABC’s ‘Nashville

Great Thing of the Day: 5 Songs We Want Michelle Obama to Sing on Nashville   If you haven’t been watching Nashville this season (nope, us neither), now would be the time to start catching up. On May 7, Michelle Obama will be making a guest appearance on the show, joining Rayna and the gang … Continue reading

Monica: Wife & ‘Brand’ Mom Talks ReInvention

R&B Singer Monica shares her tips that keep her ‘Standing’ strong as she re-invents her career Mommy-hood is no easy feat; regardless of age your mind, body, spirit and career will never be the same. The moment you meet your healthy and beautiful bundle of joy, your priorities will shift … Continue reading

Meet Brand Mom: Cassandra Connors, CEO & Founder, Bella Bag

Each week at The Brand New Mommy, we salute a Brand Mom and this week is the inspiring, Cassandra Connors. Blessed Asset:  Leah Froehling, 14 months - daughter and my hubby, Brian Froehling Current Position: CEO & Founder, Bella Bag In Casey’s Own Words:  (How has Bella Bag changed as a … Continue reading